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How Can You Help Your Child?

1. Talk with your students! Ask them about their learning, not just “how was your day,” but instead: "what was the most exciting thing you learned? What questions did you ask? How did you grow your brain today? What do you want to learn more about?"

2. Read with them at home, or let them read to you. Listen to audiobooks together in the car to build listening comprehension.

3. Show your kids how learning applies in the real world. In the store, have your child calculate totals, budgets, or tax. Let them experience money and numbers. Model your thinking out loud.

4. Set a routine at home to get children in the habit of showing up on time, every day. Model your work habits for them. If you wouldn't go in late to work, expect your children to be on time for school. It's never too early to develop life-long habits and work ethic.

5. Know your children’s levels and goals. If you have concerns about their learning or progress, please contact your child’s teacher, the sooner, the better.  We don’t want any students to fall through the cracks or go without the supports they need.

6. Be involved! Involvement looks different for everyone, and I know you have busy lives, but this time will fly by and your children need you during these formative years. Your involvement might include classroom volunteering, donating supplies, preparing materials/projects for the teachers at home, playing sports with the kids during recesses, chaperoning field trips, joining our PTO to plan memorable activities for the kids, helping during class celebrations, presenting to students about your career paths, attending school events/parent meetings, and just being present for your child. (Research shows a correlation with parent involvement and students applying for college).

Sheryl Fleming, Principal
Sheryl Fleming

Who am I?

I am a passionate educator who believes all children have the right to a high quality education. I see college as an option for all students, and I believe that trajectory starts in elementary school. I believe in educating them in such a way that prepares them for higher education and lifelong learning should they choose to pursue college. I set high expectations for our students, families, staff, and myself because we typically rise to the occasion when someone believes we can, and it is better to "aim high and miss, than to aim low and hit" (Michelangelo). I hope to inspire others to reach their potential and to make a difference in our world. We want the best for your child, and our goal as educators is to give your students the skills and background knowledge to be successful in college, career, and life. 


In my years as an educator, I have served as a general education and special education elementary teacher, a district instructional coach, and an assistant principal. I am beyond excited to start this new adventure as your principal.  


We are honored to be a part of your child's life. We look forward to working alongside you to make this a memorable and exciting school year for your child. 



It's a great year to be a Viking!


Sheryl Fleming