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Student Leadership

What is Student Leadership?

Student Leadership at Del Rio is a way for fifth graders to be active in creating school activities and school spirit for Del Rio's students. For the fifth graders involved in Del Rio's Student Leadership, they have the opportunity to learn how to plan and organize activities, how to speak in public, and how to work and cooperate with other students.


Applications for the 2014-15 Student Leadership teams are being accepted now and the new Student Leadership teams will be announced in mid-October.


Student Leadership includes four teams of students, focusing on four different types of activities.


The Sports Team leads students in lunchtime sports and games. They also take care of Del Rio's sports equipment, making it all ready for classes to use.


The Spirit Squad gets Del Rio students and staff into the spirit for special days, like wearing orange for Halloween, or dressing like a nerd. The classes that have the most students participate in a Spirit Day win ribbons for their classroom, and the Spirit Squad delivers the awards.


The Community Connection team is the bridge between Del Rio and the community. This team organizes activities to thank the many people who help Del Rio - like the U.S. Marines who play sports with our students - and for Del Rio to help other people, such as holding a holiday food drive. New Del Rio students are also given a school tour by the Community Connection to welcome them to our school.


The Lunchtime Fun team leads Del Rio's students in non-sports activities. From selling special cards that the team will deliver for a special event, to a game where contestants have to set up the food for a Thanksgiving dinner while blindfolded, the Lunchtime Fun team gives Del Rio's students some fun things for lunch.